Configuration Overview

SD-Core has been developed with a cloud-based deployment and consumption model as its foundation. It has a rich and extensible set of APIs to allow for runtime configurability of subscriber management, access management, session management, and network slice management. This configuration may be conducted via ONF’s Runtime Operational Control (ROC) platform directly for consumption as a cloud-managed service, or the APIs can be used by third-party automation and management platforms.

Reference helm chart

Configuration Methods

SD-Core supports 2 ways to configure network functions and micro services.

  • Helm Chart

    • Each individual network function and microservice has its own helm chart.

    • User needs to provide override values and deploy the network functions as per their need.

  • REST Config Interface

    • Basic static configuration is passed through helm chart

    • Dynamic slice creation APIs are provided through REST interface.

    • REST APIs are defined to create/modify/delete network slice.

    • REST APIs are also provided to provision subscribers and grouping the subscribers under device Group.

Configuration Steps

This Configuration describes what to configure at high level from RoC/SIMAPP. ConfigPod stores this configuration and publish to respective clients over REST/grpc.

  • Step1 : Provision subscriber in 4G/5G subsystem

    • This step is used to configure IMSI in the SD-Core

    • This procedure is used to configure security keys for a subscriber

    • Subscribers can be created during system startup or later

  • Step2 : Device Group Configuration

    • Group multiple devices under device group

    • Configure QoS for the device group

    • Configure IP domain configuration for the device group e.g. MTU, IP Pool, DNS server

  • Step3: Network Slice Configuration

    • Configuration to create a Network Slice

    • Add device Group into Network Slice

    • Slice contains the Slice level QoS configuration

    • Site configuration including UPF, eNBs/gNBs assigned to the slice

    • Applications allowed to be accessed by this slice (see Application Filtering Overview)