4G Deployment Guide

Deployment Overview

SD-Core is released with Helm chart and container images. We recommend using Kubernetes and Helm to deploy SD-Core. SD-Core images are hosted on an ONF member-only Docker registry. You need to obtain access token and supply that as part of the Helm value.

Hardware resource requirement

CPU & Memory Requirements for 4G components

SD-Core Component

Required CPU

Required Memory in Gi


2 CPU Cores



2 CPU Cores



2 CPU Cores



2 CPU Cores



1 CPU Cores



1 CPU Cores



2 CPU Cores


Prepare access credential for SD-Core images

Container images can be download from ONF self-hosted container registry but you have to gain the access token first.

  1. Login to Aether Harbor Registry using your ONF Crowd credential,

  2. Select User Profile drop-down menu in the upper-right corner

  3. Generate the CLI secret and it’s the secret token you have to access the container registry via CLI tool.

  4. Login to the container registry with your username and access token by docker login command to ensure you can access it.

╰─$ docker login registry.aetherproject.org --username hwchiu
Login Succeeded

Deployment Options

Development Environments

Please refer (see Aether In a Box) to setup 4G development environment.

Production Environments - 4G

To install SD-Core into your Kubernetes cluster, follow instructions

Step1 - Clone SD-Core 4G Helm chart

git clone ssh://gerrit.opencord.org:29418/sdcore-helm-charts
cd sdcore-helm-charts/sdcore-helm-charts/
helm dep update #Update Helm dependencies

Step2 - Prepare your Helm values for 4G

You can modify existing values.yaml directly, but we recommend composing another value file myvalues.yaml using values.yaml as an example. We are highlighting a few things we need to modify here. More explanation of the supported Helm values can be found in the Configuration section below.

Step3 - Install 4G using SD-Core umbrella helm chart

The following command will deploy the SD-Core helm chart with release name sdcore-4g in the sdcore-4g namespace.

helm install -n sdcore-4g --create-namespace -f myvaules.yaml sdcore-4g .

To verify the installation:

helm -n sdcore-4g ls

To uninstall:

helm -n sdcore-4g uninstall sdcore-4g
kubectl delete namespace sdcore-4g # also remove the sdcore-4g if needed