4G - 3GPP Release Compliance

High Level Procedures Supported

  • Initial UE Attach

  • UE Detach

  • S1 Release

  • Service Request

  • N/W initiated Detach

  • Downlink Data Notification

  • s1/x2 Handover for eNB change

  • 5G-NSA related procedure support

High Level Procedures/Functions Not Supported

  • MME, SGW handover

  • Indirect tunnel forwarding

  • Roaming architecture

  • Charging

  • Lawful intercept

  • IMS integration

MME Compliance

  • Interface supported : NAS, s1ap, S6a, S11

  • Functions supported

    • All the procedures mentioned above and following,

    • Dedicated bearer handling

    • s1ap interface management procedure

    • S1 Context management procedures

    • Subscriber management procedure on S6a interface

  • Functions not supported

    • HSS modify/delete subscriber data

SPGW Compliance

  • Interface supported: Gx, Sxab

  • Functions supported: All the procedures mentioned above and following,

    • PFCP Association management

    • Control plane based UE address allocation

    • User Plane based UE address allocation

    • Receive and handle Usage Report sent by user plane

  • Functions not supported

PCRF Compliance

  • Interface supported: Gx

  • Functions supported

    • Installing PCC rules for the subscribers

    • Removal of Rules with timer trigger

    • Removal of Gx Session with timer trigger

  • Functions not supported

    • Charging functionality

    • PCEF initiated Gx session update

HSS Compliance

  • Interface supported: S6a

  • Functions supported

    • Subscriber management

    • Authentication Vector generation

    • Resynchronization of authentication vector

    • Update Location procedure

    • Purge Location procedure

  • Functions not supported

    • Insert subscriber data runtime

    • Delete Subscriber data runtime