UPF Deployment Guide

  • Each Site has one or more UPFs dedicated for use case

  • UPFs can be added during runtime and UP/CP form PFCP association

  • Edges can run on different versions of UPF. Changes are always backward compatible

  • Option to Install only 4G or 5G or both

  • Multiple UPF (user plane function) options available to meet the needs of different applications BESS-UPF, P4-UPF

  • Many UPFs can connect to same control plane. Control Plane selects UPF based on various criteria - DNN/Slice (5G), Apn, IMSI, ULI(4G), Slice IDs

  • IP address allocation supported at Control plane and also at UPF

  • UPF Attach/detach to SD-Core. UPF Pools created based on enterprise need.