• Does SD-Core support for roaming architecture?

    SD-Core is primarily focused for private 5G & private LTE use cases and hence roaming aspects of architecture are not supported.

  • Does SD-Core support charging functionality or CHF (charging network function)?

    SD-Core is primarily focussed for private 5G & private LTE use cases and hence charging related aspects are not supported.

  • Is SD-Core/5G-Core cloud native?

    SD-Core is not cloud native, but it runs in K8s environment. As per road map AMF, SMF will be cloud native by the Q3 of 2022. This is WIP.

  • What are the changes omec 5G has on top of free5gc?

    • Configuration APIs to configure all network functions

    • QoS support at default flow and per application flow

    • 5000 subscribers with 10 calls per second stability achieved (Single Instance)

    • Error cases with UPF connectivity fixed

    • Error case of no response or message retransmission towards UPF

    • Error cases with Network functions restarts fixed

    • Stability issues on NGAP interfaces and N1 interfaces fixed

    • 100+ code commits to achieve code stability

    • 3gpp compliance of 5G core is added in SD core documentation

    • per UE FSM in AMF & SMF

    • Transaction support in AMF & SMF

    • UE address allocation by UPF support at SMF

    • There are many more changes done and above are just high level summary

  • Network Performance Testing of SD-Core

    No performance results available. Limited scale testing is performed to check the control plane subscriber capacity and transaction rate. But still its not formal enough to share with wider community. Watch out for release notes and testing *section to get current performance results