Aether In a Box - 4G

The documentation for Aether In a Box (AiaB) - 4G is located in Installing the 4G AIAB, where specifics about setting up AiaB 4G, running 4G test, troubleshooting, and other details are described. Moreover, details about deploying AiaB with external 4G radios are presented Aether-in-a-Box with External 4G Radio.

Developer Loop

Suppose you wish to test a new build of a 4G SD-CORE services. You can deploy custom images by editing ~/aether-in-a-box/sd-core-4g-values.yaml, for example:

    spgwc: omecproject/spgw:master-e419062

To upgrade a running 4G SD-CORE with the new image, or to redeploy the 4G SD-CORE with the image:

make reset-test # delete 4G deployment if it was already started before updating image
make 4g-test  # now this deployment will use new spgwc image