SD-Core 1.3 Release

1.3.0 Release Details

SD-Core supports 4G & 5G network functions and includes APIs for configuration, telemetry, policy management. Access networks can connect to Access & Mobility Management Function (AMF) or Mobility Management Entity (MME) depending on the type of access used. Below is the summary of the features delivered in SD-Core 1.3 Release.


Release v1.3.0 focuses on stabilizing Cloud Native support to 5G network functions and adding Metrics support. Also, towards greater adoption by community members, many members used SD-Core to tests against real hardware gNodeB and phones. All new functionality in this release contributes to support of 5G Network functionality.

Real gNodeB & real UE Tests: Multiple community members mentioned success with SD-Core being used against real UE & gNB. To name the few, CPQD(Brazil), ONF, Pronto project for DARPA, etc. ONF used gNodeB from Sercomm and while the real phones were Google Pixel and Moto5G.

We also enhanced 5G core to support the test IMSI(the one having mcc/mnc as leading zeroes) for development testing.

5G Metric Dashboard: A new NF, Metric Function has been added to provision 5G Cloud Native metrics. The Metric Function acts as both metrics aggregator and processor towards metric consumers like Analytics Engine, API Server or Prometheus Server.

The 5G Metric dashboard shows whether the gNodeB and UPF are connected to the core, how many active UEs are connected, including UE’s IMSI and Slice information, and the uplink (Tx Bitrate) and downlink (Rx Bitrate) throughput at the UPF. Metrics work can be extended to show various metrics from 5G core network.

NRF Cache and Notification: As part of NF Discovery Service, Each NF discovers Target NF for its profiles from NRF and stores Target NF profiles in a local cache. One cache is created per Target NF Type to make the lookup faster.

The NF creates subscription for the NF profiles received from the NRF. When a notification is received from the NRF on profile Deregistration, the entry is evicted from the local cache. This will trigger the host NF to perform requested NF Discovery during the next UE procedure.

Test IMSI Support: This support allows users to employ Test UEs with leading zeroes(mcc/mnc with leading zeroes) with SD-Core 5G. This eliminates the conflict with commercial PLMNs during UE attach.

Static UE IP-Address Support: The SMF shall support allocation of static IP-address to UE. This feature shall be available via configuration of SUPI to IP-address mapping under SMF specific section via override values file.

Dynamic Subscription revoking provision: This feature enables 5G network to revoke subscription of specific UE. It is required that user identifies the IP-Address of specific UE to be disabled. The custom user application can make available the IP-Address of specific UE to 5G core network via Metric-Function API. The 5G network shall revoke the specific UE’s subscription based on UE IP-Addresses received.

Multiple gNBs Support in gNBSim: This enhancement allows deploying multiple gNBSim instances. This would extend gNBSim capabilities towards XN and N2 handover procedures.

Inter-op stabilisation across multiple instances of SMF and AMF: Enhancements have been done around stabilisation of multiple instances of SMF and AMF inter-operation. This adds robustness towards cloud native stateless and high-availability feature.

Autoscaling of AMF/SMF instances in AIAB using KEDA: It enables dynamic scaling of network functions to handle increased traffic or workload demands, ensuring optimal performance and cost-effectiveness. Kubernetes Event-driven Autoscaling (KEDA) is an open-source tool that makes it easier to implement autoscaling for cloud-native network functions(

Minor Enhancements:

  • Update Subscriber Context in DB after the Handover Procedure is completed.

  • Multiple instances of Sctp-lb could run but this should be done manually.

Known Limitations:

  • Only one instance of the UPF-adapter pod should be deployed.

  • Scale up or down instances of AMF/SMF/Sctp-Lb can be done manually.

  • If webui pod is restarted and if callback configuration is not provided in webui pod then simapp does not download the config again to webui. Restarting the simapp pod solves the problem most of the time.

  • UPF Pod needs to have UE pool configuration and UPF does not use UE IP Pool configuration from Slice APIs.


For any 3gpp release compliance refer - (4G - 3GPP Release Compliance) and (5G - 3GPP Release Compliance)

Component Versions in the 1.3.0 Release

Helm Chart Versions and their component charts and containers:

  • sdcore-helm-chart: 0.12.8
    • omec-control-plane: 0.12.0
      • hssdb: omecproject/c3po-hssdb:master-df54425

      • hss : omecproject/c3po-hss:master-df54425

      • pcrf : omecproject/c3po-pcrf:pcrf-d58dd1c

      • pcrfdb : omecproject/c3po-pcrf:pcrf-d58dd1c

      • config4g : omecproject/5gc-webui:master-1121545

      • spgwc : omecproject/spgw:master-e419062

      • mme : omecproject/nucleus:master-a8002eb

    • omec-sub-provision: 0.6.0
      • simapp: omecproject/simapp:main-a4f741a

    • 5g-control-plane: 0.8.15
      • amf: omecproject/5gc-amf:master-a4759db

      • nrf: omecproject/5gc-nrf:master-b747b98

      • smf: omecproject/5gc-smf:master-13e5671

      • ausf: omecproject/5gc-ausf:master-c84dff4

      • nssf: omecproject/5gc-nssf:master-4e5aef3

      • pcf: omecproject/5gc-pcf:master-bcbdeb0

      • udr: omecproject/5gc-udr:master-35eb7b7

      • udm: omecproject/5gc-udm:master-6956659

      • webui: omecproject/5gc-webui:master-1121545

      • sctplb: omecproject/sctplb:master-bf081d5

      • metricfunc: omecproject/metricfunc:main-58fa274

      • upfadapter: omecproject/5gc-smf:master-13e5671

    • bess-upf 0.1.0
      • bess: omecproject/upf-epc-bess:master-5786085

      • pfcpiface: omecproject/upf-epc-pfcpiface:master-5786085

    • 5g-ran-sim 0.6.5
      • gnbsim: omecproject/5gc-gnbsim:main-1caccfc

1.3.1 Release Details

Minor release with bug fixes on top of release 1.3.0. Below is the list of defects fixed on top of previous release.

  • SMF crash fix while allocating and releasing IP address

Helm Chart Versions and their component charts versions

  • sdcore-helm-chart: 0.12.9
    • omec-control-plane: 0.12.0

    • omec-sub-provision: 0.6.0

    • 5g-control-plane: 0.8.16

    • bess-upf 0.1.0

    • 5g-ran-sim 0.6.5