The SD-Core project is a 4G/5G disaggregated mobile core optimized for public cloud deployment in concert with distributed edge clouds. It exposes standard 3GPP interfaces enabling use of SD-Core as a conventional mobile core. SD-Core is an integral component of Aether, ONF’s 5G Connected Edge platform for private mobile connectivity and edge cloud services. It can be rapidly deployed pre-integrated with Aether, as a standalone 5G/4G mobile core, or as control and dataplane (UPF) components integrated into custom designed solutions. This range of versatility makes the open source SD-Core platform ideally suited for the broadest range of use cases and deployment scenarios.

SD-Core is ideally suited for

  • Small carrier

  • Private enterprise 4G/5G networks

  • Research community or Universities who wish to study/learn more on 3gpp 4G/5G

Getting Started with SD-Core


Information about participating in the SD Core community and development process can be found on the SD-Core Wiki.