SD-Core Upcoming Release

Currently SD-Core has high level focus of making AMF & SMF cloud native. Also adding some new features in the gNBSim to give more flexibility to user.

Work Items

Documentation update : Update SD-Core document and Aether document to answer frequently asked questions.

Cloud Native Control Plane

  • NRF Keepalive : Each Network Function does periodic registration towards NRF. NRF removes the network function from the NRF database if keepalive missed for configured number of seconds.

  • Saving Subscriber States : Enable subscriber state storage in database. Upcoming release is planned to have support for AMF & SMF.

  • Multiple Instance of AMF : Support running multiple instances of AMF

  • Multiple Instance of SMF : Support running multiple instances of SMF

  • SCTPLB : SctpLb is new component to terminate SCTP connection from gNodeB.

  • UPF-Adapter : Upf-adapter is a new component used by multiple SMF instances to communicate with UPF

Common Features

  • SMF supports - UE address allocation from UPF. This feature was already supported in 4G (SPGW). Now with new release, this feature will be part of 5G Core.

  • AMF API to de-register subscriber

gNBSim improvements to support

  • REST Interface to start profile

  • Custom profile to run arbitrary procedures for subscribers

  • Adding Custom Delay between execution of the subscribers profiles

  • GTPU Echo Request/Response Support in gNBSim

  • Making gNBSim configurable to send user defined slice Ids & DNN

  • Sending correct TAC information in the ULI IE